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THE Apple may be preparing to launch, this month, the new generation of its wireless headphones: the AirPods Pro, according to China Economic Daily. The inclusion of the suffix “Pro” must occur, mainly, by the addition of noise cancellation in this model.

Apple AirPods (2019)

Apple AirPods (2019)

Some features of AirPods Pro had already been published by developer Guilherme Rambo, from 9to5Mac. He found references to the new model in the iOS 13.2 beta code: an icon signaling the in-ear format, and an animation that teaches you how to change the “Focus Mode” feature for noise cancellation.

Noise-canceling AirPods icon

The drawing resembles the image leaked last month by SlashLeaks, which shows the proposal for an in-ear model; the case would also get bigger, perhaps for an improvement of the battery, as was done in the generation of iPhones this year.

Supposed third generation AirPods

The suffix “Pro” would also be justified, according to the Chinese publication, for the metal construction of the new AirPods, to help dissipate the heat from the headphones. They would also have water resistance, for protection against sweat in sports activities.

It should also be “Pro” in price: these models are expected to be announced for $ 260. They are not meant to replace the second generation AirPods (which cost $ 159 without the wireless charging case), they will just enter market as an additional option, as is done with iPhones, iPads and Macs.

Beats Powerbeats Pro has noise isolation

Beats Powerbeats Pro

It is worth remembering that Apple recently launched the Beats Powerbeats Pro, the brand’s first fully wireless in-ear headset model. The item arrived in Brazil for R $ 2,149 (US $ 249 in the United States).

It has the same H1 chip as the AirPods and has good sound quality, external noise isolation, a battery that lasts nine hours (24 hours with the charging case) and protection against sweat.

Google and Microsoft also launched new wireless headphones

google pixel buds

On the last 15th, Google presented the new generation of its Pixel Buds, which will be launched next year in the United States for US $ 179. They have a five-hour battery with a 24-hour extension, with the charging case.

Although they do not have noise isolation, a technology present in Pixel Buds adjusts the volume of the music according to the environment. And, of course, they also work with Google Assistant.

Microsoft Surface Earbuds

Earlier this month, Microsoft unveiled Surface Earbuds, which will be sold by the end of the year for $ 249 in the United States. In these models, there is the presence of noise isolation, battery for eight hours of continuous playback (24 hours with the case) and integration with Office.

With information: MacRumors, The Verge.

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