Apple to launch 16-inch MacBook Pro without butterfly keyboard

Rumors that Apple will give up the controversial butterfly keyboard on MacBooks have gotten stronger: Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with a long history of making correct predictions about the company, predicts that the scissor keyboard will be back on the 16-inch MacBook Pro inches to be announced in the fourth quarter.

Keyboard - MacBook

The problematic keyboard has a shape that resembles the wings of a butterfly, hence the name. Presented in 2015, it replaced the keyboard with a scissor mechanism with the promise of bringing thinner, quieter and more comfortable keys. However, the keys in the new standard may stop functioning properly when debris accumulates under them.

Apple even opened a free program to replace the first and second generation butterfly keyboards that had problems, including MacBooks that were out of warranty.

Apple tried to solve the problem in the third generation by placing a membrane just below each key. This measure helped to reduce noise when typing, but the keyboard remained prone to failure.

Currently, the butterfly keyboard is in the fourth generation. If Ming-Chi Kuo is right, it will not go beyond that: the initial prediction was that the scissor keyboard would return on a MacBook Air to be launched in 2019 and on the MacBook Pro from 2020.

Now, the analyst predicts that, in fact, the 16-inch MacBook Pro will re-debut this feature. The expectation is that this model will be launched in September or, more likely, in the last quarter of the year.

MacBook Pro

Kuo assumes that the new keyboard with a scissor mechanism will be a little thicker than the butterfly, but that the difference should be barely noticeable. In addition, the new keys should provide more comfort when typing and have more durability due to a structure made of fiberglass.

Perhaps because of this reinforcement, the scissor keyboard should have a production cost ranging between US $ 25 and US $ 30 – conventional scissor keyboards cost between US $ 8 and US $ 12. Despite this, it is possible that this value is below the costs with butterfly keyboards.

Still according to the analyst, the other models of the MacBook line will receive the new keyboard from 2020.

With information: MacRumors.

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