Apple sued for letting humans listen to Siri recordings | Legislation

The revelation that humans were listening to recordings from Siri became the center of a lawsuit against Apple. The company is being sued in the United States for failing to inform users that its voice commands could be reviewed by others.


According to Bloomberg, the lawsuit was filed in California by an iPhone user. He accuses Apple of violating the US state’s privacy law, which prohibits recording without the authorization of those involved.

Apple says it used a small portion of the recordings to help Siri be more accurate. According to the company, outsourced employees listened to less than 1% of the audios to indicate whether they were accidentally recorded and whether the assistant’s response was appropriate.

The company claims that the recordings were not associated with the ID and therefore the user could not be identified. However, an employee who revealed the practice to the The Guardian states that the audios were accompanied by data such as location and contact details.

He further reported that the recordings included “private discussions between doctors and patients, businesses, apparently criminal businesses, sexual encounters and so on”.

On Friday, Apple announced the suspension of human analysis of recordings made by Siri. The company has promised that users will have the option to leave the program when it resumes and thus prevent people from hearing their voice commands.

The option should be similar to the one being offered by Alexa, which now asks whether or not users want humans to hear the recordings. Google, which had a program similar to that of Apple and Amazon, suspended listening to its assistant’s recordings for three months.

With information: Business Insider.

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