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Apple is reopening some of its official stores, Apple Stores, in several countries and Brazil has appeared on the most recent list. According to the apple company, both the store in São Paulo and the one in Rio de Janeiro will start operating again next Wednesday (7).

apple store rio de janeiro

The stores in Brazil followed the same temporary closure that happened in several places, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, caused by the new coronavirus. Since then, many Apple Stores have been reopened, as is the case with 233 of the 271 stores in the United States, all in mainland China and 17 of the 22 in Australia.

The only two Apple stores that exist in Brazil will reopen on the same day as two others in Mexico, both in the capital. In the same period as the reopening, others are closing, mainly due to the second wave of contagion. This is the case of a French Apple Store, located in the commune of Vélizy-Villacoublay, which closed again last Sunday (4).

The biggest recent number of Apple Stores closing again happened on September 23 and 24, in Madrid. In the capital of Spain, six stores were closed, of the 11 that exist there.

You only enter Apple Stores by appointment

An important detail is the scheduling, required to do anything inside the store. Setting the time and date is valid since the purchase of products sold there, as for assistance and even answering questions with employees. To schedule, you need to enter this link to the Rio de Janeiro store and in this to the São Paulo store.

The hours are divided into 15-minute spaces that start at 12:15 pm and go until 7:15 pm. The schedule needs to respect the interest of the visit, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Accessories or Others.

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