Apple releases iOS 13.1 with fixes; iPadOS is available for download | Applications and Software

As predicted, the Apple released on Tuesday (24) the iOS 13.1, just under a week after the launch of iOS 13, to fix security flaws and activate the U1 chip of the new iPhones 11. The company also took the opportunity to make available the first version of the iPadOS, which brings new features in multitasking and other features for tablets.

iOS 13.1

O iOS 13.1 arrives with what Apple was unable to prepare in time for iOS 13; the launch of the first revision had already been revealed at the event of the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. The Shortcuts application has automation again; you can share your estimated arrival time with friends on Apple Maps; and there are new icons for the HomeKit and the AirPods volume indicator.

The main beneficiaries must be the first owners of the new iPhones, equipped with the U1 chip. IOS 13.1 makes AirDrop smarter, with directional recognition: you point an iPhone 11 at another and that puts you at the top of the list of shares.

iOS 13

If you were experiencing weird bugs, apps crashing or errors that never appeared before, iOS 13.1 should fix them. In addition, the first revision of iOS 13 will fix a bug that allows see your contacts from the lock screen, without the iPhone being unlocked.

iPadOS has improvements in multitasking

For iPad users, iOS 13.1 is not available, but iPadOS is: it brings improvements in multitasking, allows access to files on a USB stick, brings new gestures for text editing and provides experimental mouse support, which should make a difference especially for those who work with the tablet. We have already tested and elected the 10 best new features of iPadOS.

IOS 13.1 and iPadOS are now available to all users from iPhone 6s (2015) and compatible iPads.

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