Apple references sleep monitoring with Apple Watch | Applications and Software

The Apple Watch may be the most sold smartwatch in the entire smart watch market, but it is still not able to measure sleep natively. This should change in some future update of the Alarms app, which runs on the gadget itself.

apple watch app sleep

The novelty was found in the form of a screen capture that was inside the app page in the web version of the App Store. In it the setting of the alarm clock is basically the same as it already exists, with the addition of a curious phrase that says: “set your bedtime and wake up in the Sleep app”. The point is that there is no “Sleep” application, or “Sleep”, within the apps pre-installed by the system.

Certainly “Sleep” should monitor the user’s sleep and some mention of it was already found in internal test versions of iOS 13 before the update was released for all users.

Hot rumors suggest that Apple will launch this feature, which will work in conjunction with the Apple Watch, sometime next year. As it has already been tested this year, it may appear in some iOS 13 update, without necessarily depending on iOS 14 in the second half.

Ah, first of all, it would be interesting an Apple Watch with more battery. Using the gadget to monitor sleep with an autonomy of 18 hours does not fit a whole day on the wrist (assuming you will sleep and wake up with it, without taking any time).

With information: MacRumors.

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