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THE Apple went up App Store prices iOS in Brazil. Starting on Thursday (29), apps for iPhone and iPad will cost more in the Brazilian app store, as previously announced by the company. Now, app prices start at R $ 4.90, and no more at R $ 3.90, without considering alternative values.

Apple on price of application store for iPhone and iPad (Image: Paulo Higa / Tecnoblog)

Apple on price of application store for iPhone and iPad (Image: Paulo Higa / Tecnoblog)

The increase in the values ​​of applications and in-app purchases in Brazil and other countries was revealed by Apple on Monday (26), in a statement to the developers. “When taxes or exchange rates change, sometimes we need to update prices on the App Store,” they announced.

Apple raises price of App Store in Brazil

This is the second readjustment of the App Store in Brazil, after the last one in 2018, which affects all price levels of the country’s app store. Now, the cost of apps starts at R $ 4.90 (Tier 1) and goes up to the ceiling of R $ 5,499.90 (Tier 87). The alternative values ​​(Alternate Tier), in turn, vary between R $ 0.90 and R $ 27.90. Check out the new values:

  • $ 0.99: from R $ 3.90 to R $ 4.90 (+ 25.6%);
  • $ 1.99: from R $ 7.90 to R $ 10.90 (+ 37.9%);
  • $ 2.99: from R $ 10.90 to R $ 16.90 (+ 55%);
  • $ 3.99: from R $ 14.90 to R $ 22.90 (+ 53.6%);
  • $ 4.99: from R $ 18.90 to R $ 27.90 (+ 47.6%);
  • $ 5.99: from R $ 22.90 to R $ 34.90 (+ 52.4%).

Despite the increase in application prices, the values ​​of services remain the same. This means that monthly fees for individual Apple TV +, Apple Arcade and Apple Music plans continue to cost R $ 9.90, R $ 9.90 and R $ 16.90, respectively. The expansion of iCloud storage varies between R $ 3.50 and R $ 34.90 per month.

Other countries will also have their app values ​​readjusted in their respective iOS app stores, iPhone and iPad operating system. This is the case of Albania, South Africa, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Iceland and Russia.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max (Image: Paulo Higa / Tecnoblog)

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max (Image: Paulo Higa / Tecnoblog)

iPhone and Apple AirPods get more expensive in Brazil

Also in October, Apple raised iPhone prices after the launch of the iPhone 12. The readjustment affected both iPhone 11 and iPhone SE (2020) and iPhone XR. The values ​​of cell phones now vary between R $ 3,699 and R $ 7,199, considering all the storage options currently available.

AirPods also became more expensive in 2020. Now, 2nd generation AirPods with a charging case cost R $ 1,899 (it was R $ 1,349) while the wireless recharge option costs R $ 2,349 (it was R $ 1,679). The Apple AirPods Pro, on the other hand, is on sale for R $ 2,999 in the official store of the North American company.

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