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Apple has postponed the iOS 14 privacy change that gives users the power to prevent apps from tracking much of their activity on the iPhone. The feature, which scared some tech giants, such as Facebook, will still go into effect, however, the company should implement it only next year.

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According to the statement published on your developer page, Apple has extended the deadline to allow professionals to make the necessary changes, so that their software conforms to the new rules. After the privacy update, apps should ask for permission to track users.

In a statement to the Verge, the company explained its new positioning: “We believe that technology should protect users’ fundamental right to privacy, and that means providing users with tools to understand which applications and websites may be sharing their data with other companies, for advertising or advertising measurement, as well as the tools to revoke the tracking permission ”.

The mechanism will work as follows: from 2021 onwards, whenever an app requests its identification code for advertisers, the user must allow or disallow its activities to be tracked. This credential is the standard way that advertisers use to know when you purchased / downloaded a product after seeing an ad. Without it, it is much more complex for companies to identify when advertising has impacted their online purchase.

Negative impact on ad billing

According to Facebook, although it does not affect ad revenue within the social network, the novelty may provide a drop of more than 50% in revenue from advertising outside the platform.

The impact would be so great that the company is considering removing the Audience Network from iOS 14, which would be especially negative for small businesses that rely on the system.

Privacy on iOS 14

Other privacy news should land on iPhones with the launch of iOS 14, still in 2020. The changes include information about how developers use data collected, in the App Store, as well as the possibility of sharing only an approximate location to use certain services – instead of your exact address. The new version of the system will also alert users whenever apps try to access the camera, microphone or clipboard.

With information: TechCrunch and Verge

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