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O Free market now has an official store Apple: it sells all kinds of products, including iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch, Apple TV and accessories; even some discontinued products are marketed in Brazil, such as the iPhone 6s and the 12-inch MacBook. Prices remain steep, but are lower than those practiced at the Apple Store online.

Apple on the Free Market

Apple confirmed to the iHelp BR that the Mercado Livre store is official. The manufacturer is also present in the marketplaces of B2W (, Submarino, Shoptime) and Cnova (Casas Bahia,, Ponto Frio). All of these stores are operated by the authorized distributor Allied Tecnologia.

The Mercado Livre page includes the following warning: “all products sold in this store are Apple originals and have a manufacturer’s warranty, quality and origin”. You will see a similar explanation in the other marketplaces.

Shop on the Free Market charges less than Apple Store online

There are two main differences between the Apple Store online and the marketplace stores. The first is in product portfolio: You’ll find some phones and notebooks discontinued by the company, such as the iPhone 6s and the MacBook with a 12-inch screen. There are also some combos, like the iPhone XR + AirPods or the iPhone 8 + 1 m Lightning cable.

The second difference is in the price: for example, the 64 GB iPhone XR costs between R $ 3,749 and R $ 4,299 in Mercado Livre; the same model costs R $ 5,199 at the Apple Store. The Apple Watch Series 4 with GPS and 40 mm case varies between R $ 3,579 and R $ 4,100 in the marketplace and costs R $ 3,999 in the manufacturer’s store.

iPhone XR with lower spot price and installment interest:

Apple iPhone XR in the Free Market

iPhone XR in another ad, this time with “interest-free” installments:

Apple iPhone XR in the Free Market

Prices vary widely in the Free Market because each product has two different ads: one of them brings a lower spot price, but charges interest in installments; the other is “interest-free”, but the cash price is higher.

For example, for the 32 GB iPhone 6s, there are two ads and three different prices:

  • cheapest spot price: R $ 1,798.92
  • most expensive spot price, in installments up to 12x: $ 1,899 (or 12x from $ 158.25)
  • most expensive installment price: R $ 2,063.16 (12x R $ 171.93)

The same goes for Apple TV 4K 32 GB, which costs between R $ 1,098.98 and R $ 1,260 depending on the ad. One way or another, these prices are less than the R $ 1,299 charged at the Apple Store online.

Apple TV 4K in Mercado Livre

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