Apple One is launched in Brazil with iCloud, Apple Music and TV + | Applications and Software

The start was made: Apple launched, this Friday (30), the Apple One. The subscription package brings together company services, such as the expansion in storage of iCloud, Apple Music and Apple TV +, in a single payment, with reduced price and options to share with the family. In Brazil, the values ​​start at R $ 26.50.

The package announced in September adds Apple services under a single subscription. In Brazil, Apple offers two packages with solutions already known to Brazilians, such as Apple Music, for streaming music, Apple TV +, for films and series, and Apple Arcade, for games. The modality also increases the space of iCloud.

Apple One (Image: Bruno Gall De Blasi / Tecnoblog)

Apple One (Image: Bruno Gall De Blasi / Tecnoblog)

Apple One in Brazil: know prices and plans

In all, two modes of subscription for Apple One are in catalog in Brazil. The first is the Individual. For R $ 26.50 a month, the user takes home Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade and 50 GB expansion on iCloud in a single payment. The monthly savings, according to Apple, is R $ 13.50.

The plan Family it is the second option available to Brazilians, at a cost of R $ 37.90 per month (savings of R $ 17.50). The service basket aggregates the same products as the individual option, but also allows the subscription to be shared with up to six people from the same family and even increases the iCloud by 200 GB.

In the United States, Apple still offers the Premier, which still has no forecast to arrive in Brazil. The package includes the same services as the other options and includes Apple News +, Apple Fitness + and another 2 TB on iCloud for US $ 29.95 (about R $ 170 in direct conversion) per month. The modality also allows for the division of the subscription.

Also according to Apple, “Apple TV + and Apple Arcade always come with Family Sharing, even on the Apple One Individual plan”. Users can also purchase more iCloud storage separately “to complement what’s included in their Apple One plan”, if necessary. In this case, prices vary between R $ 3.50 and R $ 34.90 for 50 GB, 200 GB and 2 TB.

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