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THE Apple may launch service packages with cheaper subscription soon. According to Bloomberg this Thursday (13), the Apple One, which will offer one-time payment plans to access products such as Apple Music, Apple TV + and Apple News +, among other services, is expected to be announced in 2020.

Apple One can combine multiple services and have cheaper subscription

The first reports on the alleged packages appeared in 2019 and took shape in June. According to background information, the company plans to offer streaming products, games and the like in a single subscription, with more affordable prices to maintain consumer loyalty and attract new subscribers.

Now, sources familiar with the matter heard say that the new single subscription modality, known as “Apple One” in the Cupertino corridors, is due to be announced in October. The presentation is expected to happen along with the launch of the iPhone 12, which, according to the company, will delay “a few weeks” in 2020.

The company intends to provide plans with different combinations and values ​​to serve different audiences. Among them is a simpler option, which would include only Apple Music and Apple TV +. There is also a more expensive variant, made up of streaming music, movies and series services and Apple Arcade.

A more complete option is also expected, which in addition to bringing the services mentioned above, includes Apple News + and extra storage on iCloud to store files, photos and backups in the cloud.

Games platform, Apple Arcade can be offered in a single package with other services by Apple One

The company still works on a service to offer virtual classes of physical activities in an app for iOS and tvOS, known internally by the code name “Seymour”. The new service must be offered together with the most complete (and therefore most expensive) package of services.

Finally, the iPhone maker will allow the sharing of subscriptions with others, as in family plans, according to the specialized website. The prices of the company’s new service sets, however, have not yet been revealed.

There is no forecast for the launch of service packages in Brazil. Currently, the company offers Apple Music, TV +, Arcade and 50 GB of space on iCloud for R $ 16.90 (individual plan), R $ 9.90, R $ 9.90 and R $ 3.50, respectively, whose combination takes R $ 40.20 every month from the pocket of the Brazilian consumer.

Sought by Bloomberg, company did not comment on the matter.

With information: Bloomberg

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