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O Apple Music will finally gain support for Chromecast: the beta version for Android allows you to stream music to your TV via your Google device, controlling playback on your phone – it’s been offered for a long time by Spotify. In addition, there is a new dark mode; and the display of lyrics has been improved, approaching the iPhone app.

Apple Music on Google Play

To install the Apple Music beta, you need to click this link and enter the testing program. So, if you have a Chromecast nearby, the app will display the Cast button in different parts of the interface: on the top bar, next to the Search option; and in the bottom bar of the playback screen, just below the play / pause.

When you touch the Cast button, the TV will display the Apple Music logo and then start playing the music you were listening to on your smartphone. You’ll see the album cover, song title and progress bar – it’s very similar to what Spotify did a few years ago.

Apple Music was launched on Android almost four years, and is only now receiving support for Chromecast. Nobody expected Apple to dedicate itself to an application on the competing platform, but it was still a long wait. On iOS, you can use AirPlay to stream music.

Apple Music on Chromecast

Apple Music on Chromecast

Apple Music gets dark mode and more news

By going to Settings, it is possible to activate the new Dark theme. There is also the option “Set by battery saver”: if battery saver is active, Apple Music switches from light to dark mode, saving energy on OLED screens.

Apple Music with dark mode

Another novelty in the beta for Android is the displaying music lyrics: each verse will be displayed in sync with what you’re listening to, just like in the iOS app. You can also tap on a specific verse to go to that part of the song.

Currently, the stable version of Apple Music for Android already displays lyrics, but only in plain text – it is not something interactive. The feature is offered by Musixmatch, which ended its deal with Spotify a few years ago.

Apple Music on Android

O Android Police also mentions that the app has gained access to 100 thousand radio stations from TuneIn, and iHeartRadio, but I couldn’t find them in the search; it may not be available in Brazil.

Apple Music had 60 million subscribers in June, against 100 million Spotify Premium customers. The competition between the two services has been fierce: Spotify now has three months free for all new users, as well as explicit content filters in the Family plan – this was already offered by Apple.

With information: Android Police. Updated at 11:20 am.

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