Apple may release movies at the cinema weeks before Apple TV + | Business

Film studios often follow a release schedule that keeps movie titles exclusive for a 12-week period. THE Apple you can follow the same path, taking some of your original productions to the big screen even before the streaming serviceApple TV +.

Apple TV + - Tim Cook

That’s what the Wall Street Journal, based on sources close to the subject. This would be a different strategy than the one adopted by Netflix, which usually asks cinema networks to release the films on the same day of the premiere on the streaming platform, but similar to that of Amazon, which accepts the exclusivity of cinemas since 2015.

The idea behind the theatrical release is to meet the requirements of awards like the Oscars: a film can only be nominated to the Academy if it remains on the screen for at least seven days. The problem is that major American networks, like AMC and Regal, demand exclusivity for three months – and Netflix’s conflicts over The Irish (The Irishman) show that they are not in the mood to lose this benefit.

According to the WSJ, Apple consulted an entertainment industry executive and proposed to networks a timeline that foresees exclusivity in cinemas before the launch on Apple TV +. Sources say the company hopes to “attract renowned directors and producers and avoid some of the tension created by another Hollywood newcomer, Netflix”.

One of Apple’s releases would be On The Rocks, by director Sofia Coppola, scheduled to open in mid-2020. Before cinema and Apple TV +, the work should also appear at a major event, such as the Cannes Festival. The same can happen with the documentary The Elephant Queen, which must be shown in cinemas to be eligible for the awards.

Apple TV + will debut in more than 100 countries on November 1, costing R $ 9.90 per month. Anyone who buys a new iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod touch or Mac will have access to the streaming platform for one year at no additional cost.

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