Apple may launch single subscription for Music, TV + and News + in 2020

Lines like iPhone and MacBook continue to be a priority for Apple, but the company places increasing importance on services. This validates a rumor that has been gaining momentum: that the Cupertino company will offer a package that brings together services such as Apple Music, Apple TV + and Apple News + in a single subscription.

The information comes from Bloomberg, which heard people close to Apple. They report that the new subscription option may start to take effect sometime in 2020.

In addition to the convenience of being charged only once a month for various services, the user would benefit from the option of paying a lower amount for the package than paying each service in question separately.

Tim Cook

However, it is precisely the reduced value provided by the new modality that can cause some resistance to the idea. If the subscription “all in one” has a cheaper monthly fee, in theory, Apple News + will pass on lower values ​​to the vehicles that are part of the service.

This situation can lead to conflicts with publishers or even make magazines and newspapers disconnect from Apple News +. Some publishers already complain that the platform has generated less revenue than expected. By default, Apple holds 50% of the proceeds from Apple News + – the subscription costs $ 9.99 a month – and distributes the other half between vehicles.

Despite this, there are clues that Apple is taking the subscription package idea seriously. The strongest of them, pointed out by the Bloomberg, is the addition of a clause in the contract with Apple News + partners that allows the creation of a unified subscription.

In addition, Apple reportedly polled some record companies recently to discuss the possibility of including Apple Music in a subscription package.

As expected, Apple did not comment on the matter.

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