Apple may launch iPhones in 2020 with design inspired by the iPhone 4 | Cell phone

Remember the iPhone 4? It was more boxy and had an aluminum border with right angles, something similar to what we currently see on the iPad Pro. This design is about to return: it should be adopted in the trio of iPhones that will be launched in 2020, at least according to with analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Apple iPhone 4 (Photo by Brett Jordan from Pexels)

Ming-Chi Kuo has a long history of success with respect to future Apple products and maintains that the design of iPhones launched in the second half of 2020 “will change significantly”. In note, Kuo states that “the metal frame and the 2 / 2.5D front and rear windows will still be used, but the surface of the metal frame will be changed to a design similar to that of the iPhone 4”.

At the time of launch, the iPhone 4 was criticized for problems with signal reception. As we know, the aluminum edges act as a shield against electromagnetic waves, which weakens the signal if you hold the cell phone … wrong. To avoid a new antennagate, Apple must include grooves filled with tempered or sapphire glass in the frame of the 2020 iPhones, according to Kuo.

This is even more important considering that the trio of iPhones will have support for 5G, which can work at very high frequencies and, therefore, suffers more with barriers along the way. Kuo says the three models will have a Qualcomm 5G modem – Apple bought Intel’s modems division for $ 1 billion, but should test its own components on the Apple Watch and other products before the iPhone.

If all goes as expected, we will see the three new iPhones in September 2020, with screens of 5.4, 6.1 and 6.7 inches, all OLED.

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