Apple launches iOS 12.4.1 that corrects flaw that it inserted

This Monday (26) Apple released another update for iOS, bringing the mobile operating system to version 12.4.1. The list of news is very lean, basically delivering a correction for a flaw that the company itself inserted in the previous update and that allowed jailbreak without too many difficulties.

Apple releases iOS 12.4.1

I know, it’s weird to say that, but this update really does fix a flaw in the system that had already been fixed in iOS 12.3 and that, for some reason, Apple removed the solution in iOS 12.4. It was the gateway used by hackers for the jailbreak, which was reopened and allowed the tool to be released for iOS 12.4 very quickly.

Version 12.4 was made available to all compatible devices on July 22nd and would probably be the last update before the big update that should happen next month with iOS 13, with the launch of the new iPhones.

In addition to iPads, iPods Touch and iPhones, the Mac was also featured in the package and as of now it runs macOS Mojave 10.14.6, with improvements for the computer to handle large files and a solution for Macs that shut down after going into mode rest. Apple TV was also updated and arrives on tvOS 12.4.1, along with Apple Watch with watchOS 5.3.1, but both were only in small adjustments that improve the stability of the system.

All downloads of the new firmware are now available and, as usual, are free. Remember that if you need a jailbreak, it is not recommended to update the device at this time.

With information: Vice.

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