Apple launches cover with battery and wireless charging for iPhone 11 and 11 Pro

Do you know who’s back? She herself, the paunchy cover of Apple. Just as the company launched the call Smart Battery Case for the XS and XR iPhones (and earlier models), it now offers accessory versions for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Smart Battery Case

The bulge in the Smart Battery Case exists because, as the name says, the cover has a built-in battery. Apple says that on the three iPhone models, this extra battery can increase the device’s autonomy by up to 50%.

Like the covers of the previous generation, the new models are compatible with wireless charging, you only need a charger based on the Qi standard. It is possible to recharge the iPhone and the Smart Battery Case at the same time.

The color options are the same: black, white and “sand-pink”. The design is also practically the same. There were only changes to encompass the protrusions of the rear cameras.

Smart Battery Case - iPhone 11 Pro

As a new feature, the new Smart Battery Case has a button for quick access to the camera on the lower right side. It was positioned there so that, when turning the phone, the user can easily reach it and use it as a trigger button. The button can also be used to open the camera app, even if the iPhone is locked.

But all this comes at a considerable price: in the United States, Apple sells the case for $ 129 – the value is unique for the three iPhone models. On the Brazilian Apple website, the price charged is only R $ 1,199.

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