Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max is approved by Anatel for sale in Brazil – Telecommunications

THE Anatel approved the new iPhone 11 Pro Max: this is the model A2218, the same that will be sold in Europe, Oceania and Asia (except China and Hong Kong, which have their own models). This comes a few days after the certification of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models, and already enables the sale of Apple smartphones in Brazil.

iPhone 11 Pro

The differences between the European and American models of the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max refer to 4G frequencies. Anyone who buys an iPhone in the United States or Canada is without support for the band 28, used in Brazil with the frequency of 700 MHz.

Band 28 has greater signal penetration in closed locations. It is very likely that operators prefer to have 4G of 700 MHz in inland cities and on roads: the lower the frequency, the greater the signal range, allowing to cover more areas with fewer base stations.

Who uses an American iPhone in Brazil will be able to access 4G networks, as long as there is coverage in the other frequencies, such as band 1 (2,100 MHz), 3 (1,800 MHz), 5 (850 MHz) and 7 (2,600 MHz). In places where there is only coverage with band 28, the cell phone can work on 3G or 2G if there is a signal from these technologies.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max is approved by Anatel for

Apple Watch Series 5 passes by Anatel

In addition, the autocomplete function in Anatel’s system revealed that the new Apple Watch Series 5 is already in Anatel’s system and is about to be approved. As with the new iPhones, Apple chose to sell European models A2156 (40 mm version) and A2157 (44 mm version).

In the case of Apple Watch, no variant supports band 28, and both the American and European versions have the other frequencies used by Brazilian operators: 1 (2,100 MHz), 3 (1,800 MHz), 5 (850 MHz) and 7 (2,600 MHz), in addition to 3G at 850 MHz and 2,100 MHz.

There is still no release forecast for the iPhone 11 line or for the Apple Watch Series 5 in Brazil, but everything indicates that this should occur soon.

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