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Apple allowed humans to listen to Siri recordings without making this clear to users; the company then promised to improve the privacy of its personal assistant. This is materializing in the beta of iOS 13.2 and iPadOS: after installing them, there is the option to turn off sharing audio clips with Apple. There are also the faces of Emoji 12 and an animation that suggests future noise-canceling AirPods.


According to the 9to5Mac, iOS 13.2 and iPadOS 13.2 show in Beta 2 a new screen about Siri after being installed; it allows you to opt-in to share audio recordings with Apple.

“Help improve ‌Siri‌ and Dictation by allowing Apple to store and analyze the audio of your interactions on this iPhone and any connected Apple Watch or HomePod,” explains iOS. “This data will not be associated with your Apple ID and will only be stored for a limited period.” There are the options “Share audio recordings” and “Not now”.

The warning is slightly different on iPadOS, which only mentions iPad and HomePod. According to TechCrunch, this Siri screen will also be displayed on tvOS 13.2, watchOS 6.1 and MacOS 10.15.1 Catalina.

Siri on iPadOS

If you activate this feature and regret it later, there is a new option called “Improve Siri and Dictation” in Settings> Privacy> Analysis and Improvements; just disable it.

And by following the path Settings> Siri and Dictation, there is an option to delete the history of interactions associated with your iPhone from Apple’s servers. The company explains, however, that the data already analyzed “will not be deleted”; in this case, the recordings will no longer be associated with your iPhone.

Siri on iOS 13.2

In July, the Guardian revealed that 300 outsourced employees in Ireland were listening to Siri recordings to improve speech recognition; the audios included private discussions and even sexual encounters. Apple suspended this analysis, apologized and said it would do it again around October, only after users have given their consent.

iOS 13.2 beta brings more emojis and new way to delete apps

IOS 13.2 beta also includes the new emojis approved by the Unicode Consortium this year:

And, as Brazilian developer Guilherme Rambo notes, an animation hidden in the system shows how to activate noise cancellation on AirPods. The third generation of headphones is expected to be launched in 2019.

Oh, and if you hold an icon on the home screen, you can tap “Delete [aplicativo]”To remove it; it is no longer necessary to wait for all the icons to shake and display the ✖️ button.

Delete apps on iOS 13.2

With information: MacRumors.

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