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Fulfilling the warning made last week, Apple ended this Friday (28), the developer account of Epic Games on its platforms, preventing the company from launching new games or updates for its apps. With the action, even users who had already installed Fortnite at some point, on the iPhone or iPad, will no longer be able to download the title. The decision also affects other Epic games.

Fortnite / Epic Games (Photo: Playback / Felipe Vinha)

According to Apple, in a statement to Mark Gurman (Bloomberg), the company hopes to work with Epic again, and is “disappointed” at having to end its activities – but it will do so in “fairness to the other App Store developers”.

“We have worked with the company for many years on its launches and creations. The court recommended that Epic obey the App Store guidelines as long as the case went to court – guidelines they followed for the past decade until they created this situation, “said Apple, who continued:” Instead, they sent it over and over. , Fortnite updates designed to violate App Store rules. ”

In its initial threat about Epic’s ban on its platforms, Apple also planned to delete accounts linked to Unreal Engine, which is present in several third-party software. However, the Cupertino giant was temporarily banned from removing credentials related to the graphics engine by US judge Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers

Apple and Epic Games still have a full hearing scheduled for September 28. Until then, Epic may appeal to try to reverse Apple’s decision. However, the owner of the App Store says that to return to its platforms, the company behind Fortnite needs to follow its guidelines.

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