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The first reviews of the iPhone 11 praised the camera and battery life, but they had one complaint in common: the iOS 13 it had many bugs. THE Apple recognized this internally, to the point of changing the development process of all its systems – including iOS 14, macOS and iPadOS – to ensure that it doesn’t happen again next year.

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According to Mark Gurman, Bloomberg, Apple’s development teams will have to disable, by default, unfinished or buggy features in the trial versions of iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, macOS and tvOS. Users can activate each of these features if they want, through a new settings menu called Flags.

This new strategy is already being applied to the development of iOS 14 (codenamed “Blue”). In addition, it seems that Apple is considering deferring some of its features to 2021, in an update internally called “Blue +1” (which would be iOS 15). That way, it would be possible to focus more on performance and stability.

iOS 13 had eight updates in two months

IOS 13 had a bug that allowed see your contacts from the lock screen, even with the iPhone locked. Apple fixed this on iOS 13.1, and then released iOS 13.2 with others problems: apps on the iPhone closed very fast when they went to the background, and some HomePods stopped working. Another update was released to address these bugs.

Apple is running to end the iOS 13 flaws: the system received eight updates in its two months of availability to the public. In addition, the company is already testing iOS 13.3 and preparing another update for next year, before iOS 14.

According to the Bloomberg, iOS 13 is so buggy because some development teams added features every day that were not fully tested. The internal versions of the system received so many changes at the same time that they made the iPhone difficult to use. Apple rates the quality of its software using a scale of 1 to 100, and iOS 13 scored lower than iOS 12.

Apparently, Apple is in a cycle of adding new features (and bugs) in one version, and improving stability in the next version. For example, iOS 12 was focused on avoiding the headaches of iOS 11, which had several bizarre problems – the automatic broker changed the letter “I” to “A [?]”, And let Siri read notifications aloud even with the screen locked.

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