Apple Card is released for iPhones in the US and gives cashback at Uber – Business

O Apple Card started to be distributed to selected customers in the USA, and is now available to all iPhone users in the country: you can order it through the Wallet app and use it in a few minutes via NFC. O credit card does not charge annuity or fees, only interest of the revolving; and offers cashback up to 3% for payments via Apple Pay, including in Uber and deliveries from Uber Eats.

Apple Card on iPhone

To order the Apple Card, users in the U.S. must open the Wallet app on an iPhone 6 or later running iOS 12.4 and tap the + button. The registration goes through an analysis by the Goldman Sachs bank, and the order is approved (or refused) in a few minutes.

If the Apple Card is approved, the customer can use it immediately through Apple Pay in physical stores, online retail and in-app purchases. Wallet stores a virtual card number for online stores that do not accept Apple Pay; and it is possible to order a physical card made with titanium.

Apple Card Offers Cashback on Uber Trips

Apple Card and Daily Cash

One of the highlights of the Apple Card is the cashback program, called Daily Cash. The customer receives 3% back on all purchases made directly with Apple, including the Apple Store (physical or virtual), App Store (including in-app), iTunes Store and services such as Apple Music.

In addition, starting today, customers will receive 3% back when using the card on Uber or Uber Eats. “The Apple Card will continue to add more stores and popular apps in the coming months,” warns the company. When making other payments via Apple Pay, the cashback is 2%; and when using the physical card, the Daily Cash is 1%.

The Apple Card does not charge an annual fee or fee, similar to Nubank; there is only the revolving interest for those who make late payments. Rates vary from 12.99% to 23.99% per year depending on the customer’s profile. The Wallet makes the amount of interest very visible depending on how much the customer pays:

Apple Card and interest

In addition, Apple promises greater privacy: it does not have access to transaction data, so it does not know where the customer bought, what he purchased or how much he paid. In turn, Goldman Sachs “will never share or sell data to third parties for marketing and advertising”.

With this credit card, Apple wins in two ways: it receives a percentage of every transaction made through Apple Pay; and “forces” the customer to have an iPhone or iPad. The contract stipulates that the user must maintain an iOS or iPadOS device to use the Apple Card, or it can be canceled.

With information: Apple.

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