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The electronic cigarette is at the center of controversies worldwide – and it occupied the news especially in the United States, where serious deaths and hospitalizations were recorded due to lung problems. In reply to Apple decided to remove all apps related to electronic cigarettes and vaping from the App Store.

Electronic cigarette (Photo: Pixabay)

Apple’s move is actually a tightening of rules that already existed. It has never been allowed to sell vaping cartridges or electronic cigarette refills through apps available on the App Store, for example. In addition, since June 2019, new vaping-related apps are no longer accepted in the store for iPhones and iPads.

Apple went further this Friday (15), when it removed 181 applications already published on the App Store. They allowed, for example, to control the temperature or lighting of vaping devices. Those who already have banned applications will remain with them on the device, but new users will no longer be able to find them in the search.

The company says it takes “great care to keep the App Store a trusted place for consumers, especially young people, to download apps.” The decision was made after “experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to the American Heart Association attributed a variety of injuries and fatalities in the lungs to vaping products and electronic cigarettes, even calling the public health crisis and epidemic among young people the spread. those devices ”.

In Brazil, electronic smoking devices have been banned since 2009, according to an Anvisa resolution. Infringements imply sanctions provided for in Law 6,437, of August 20, 1977, which requires warning, fine, seizure, destruction, product ban and advertising ban.

With information: Axios.

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