Apple alerts users who install non-original screens on iPhone 11

New Owners iPhones 11 who have their screen broken and carry out the repair with a parallel part will receive an alert informing them that the display is not original. The feature is similar to the one adopted for non-genuine batteries and was disclosed by Apple itself in a help article.

iPhone 11

To make sure that the device owner knows about the non-standard repair, a notification will appear on the lock screen for five days stating that the component is not genuine. Then, another notification will appear on the main Settings page for 15 days. After this period, the information will be available in the section On, located within Settings> General.

According to Apple, the notifications do not affect the use of the iPhone or the display. Even so, he warns that non-certified repairs with parallel parts may not follow the appropriate procedures, which can cause quality and safety problems, in addition to loose parts that can reach the battery and cause overheating or other damage.

The company lists some problems that non-genuine screens can cause, such as failure of response, performance, ringing not registering in the correct location, accidental ringing during calls, and screen not hanging up during calls, as well as color and brightness errors, including malfunction of the True Tone, unbalanced colors, lower or uneven brightness and battery waste.

The article also reports that Apple authorized locations use original screens. Recently the company started to supply parts for independent technical assistance, which is useful for out of warranty repairs.

In the United States, replacing the iPhone 11 screen costs the same as the iPhone XR, just as repairing the iPhone 11 Pro has the same value as the iPhone XS and the iPhone 11 Pro Max follows the same line with the iPhone XS Max. the same logic is applied in Brazil, the official repair of the broken screen of the new iPhones would cost between R $ 1,299 and R $ 1,999. Ouch.

With information: Apple

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