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O latest iPod Nano has become a “classic” product worldwide. The company updated its list of “vintage” and obsolete devices on the company’s support page Apple from the United States on Tuesday (30) to include the music player launched in 2012 with a 2.5-inch screen, Home button and various color options.

Apple adds latest iPod Nano to vintage product list

The seventh generation iPod Nano has been added to the list of classic (or vintage) devices worldwide, available on an Apple support page in the United States. On Thursday morning (1), however, the Brazilian version of the site still had content published on September 8, 2020.

Classic products are devices that stopped being sold between five and seven years ago. According to Apple, the brand’s products “continue to receive hardware service from Apple Service Centers (ASPs), including Apple Stores, according to stock availability or as required by law.”

Products considered obsolete, on the other hand, are devices that had closed sales for more than seven years. In this case, “Apple has completely suspended hardware service for obsolete products, without exceptions,” explains the American company. Service centers cannot order parts for obsolete products ”.

“Beats Monster brand products are considered obsolete, regardless of when they were purchased,” they say.

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Latest iPod Nano was launched in 2012

The 7th generation iPod Nano was announced in 2012, along with the fifth generation iPod Touch and iTunes 11. The gadget features a screen with support for 2.5-inch multiple taps and an iconic home button, as in most iPhones below the display. In 2015, the device received an update with new color options.

The device was revealed with a Bluetooth connection, for wireless headphones, built-in step counter, 30-hour battery and uses the Lightning connector. The suggested price for the 16 GB version arrived in Brazil for R $ 759 at the time. The device was discontinued by Apple in 2017, along with the iPod Shuffle.

In August 2019, Apple debuted the 7th generation iPod Touch in Brazil, with a 4-inch screen, home button without a fingerprint reader, the same processor as the iPhone 7 (Apple A10) and options with 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB. The suggested price, at the time, varied between R $ 1,699 and R $ 3,299, depending on storage.

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