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THE Apple entered the court on Friday (21) to challenge a lawsuit filed by the Epic Games that tries to prevent its removal from the developer platforms on iOS and Mac. She claims that the creator of Fortnite asked for preferential treatment: the authorization to offer the Epic Games Store to sell this and other apps without paying the 30% fee. The battle royale game has been removed from the App Store.

Epic challenges Apple with Fortnite;  game has been removed from the iOS store / Playback / Felipe Vinha

In the document presented to the Court, Apple claims that “Epic ran a carefully orchestrated and multifaceted campaign with a parody video, products, hashtag, belligerent tweets and now a pre-made injunction order.”

According to Apple, Epic sent an email on June 30 asking to offer the Epic Games Store app through the App Store. It would allow you to install apps like Fortnite and charge for them without the in-app purchase mechanism present on iOS. On July 10, Apple declined the offer, replying that it “never allowed it”.

On August 13, Sweeney warned Apple that it would violate App Store rules: “Epic will no longer adhere to Apple’s payment processing restrictions.” Hours later, the company activated a hotfix that released discounted in-app purchases without paying the store’s 30% fee. So, Fortnite has been removed and cannot receive updates. The same happened with the Android version on the Google Play Store.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, tweeted on August 13: “Apple said Epic is looking for a special deal, but that’s not true; we are fighting for open platforms and policy changes that benefit all developers equally ”.

Fortnite you can return to the App Store if you obey rules

For Apple, the 30% fee is a way to pay for their tools, programs, services and support for the App Store, including the 150,000 APIs of their systems. She points out that this commission is not exclusive: “the Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore, Microsoft Store and many digital game stores like Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo and Steam have similar fees and requirements”.

Apple argues that Epic may even file a lawsuit to question whether the App Store poses a monopoly threat. However, the injunction request that the developer made in order not to lose access to tools for iOS and Mac on August 28 would be without merit.

The injunction indicates that the matter is an emergency, but Apple notes that the problem “is entirely produced by Epic itself… it knew very well what would happen and, in doing so, deliberately and purposefully created damage for players and game developers ”. A breach of contract can also affect apps that use the Unreal Engine.

“Apple wants Epic on iOS and wants customers to have access to the games they love from Epic and all the other developers,” says the company. For Fortnite back to the App Store, all it takes is that the game stops offering an alternative form of payment – but the developer did not budge, and the legal fight continues.

With information: TechCrunch.

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