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THE AOC is launching this Tuesday (29) the 4K TV 6305 Series inches in Brazil. With a suggested price of R $ 2,549, the model arrives on the market with a focus on design and connectivity, since it has thin edges and Bluetooth TX RX technology, which transmits audio via Bluetooth to headphones or speakers.

The AOC Series 6305 has LED panel and debut promising cinema experience and vivid colors, working with Dolby Vision, 4K image and HDR10 +. Dolby Atmos sound is also present and provides greater immersion when watching movies and series.

AOC 6305 Series 4K TV receives and transmits audio via

The model works with the Xmart platform and delivers the main streaming services: Netflix, Prime Video, Globoplay, in addition to YouTube. According to the company, the applications are already pre-installed on the TV. And, in turn, the large remote control already has dedicated buttons for Netflix and YouTube.

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In connections, there are three HDMI ports, two USB, one LAN (internet), one for composite video, in addition to an audio output for headphones.

AOC 6305 Series has Bluetooth TX RX technology

The great highlight of the AOC 6305 Series is the Bluetooth TX RX embedded technology, with “TX” being the transmitting mode and “RX” being the receiving mode. As we mentioned earlier, you can connect wireless audio devices to your TV to watch / listen to movies, series and other content played.

In addition, according to AOC, the user can transmit audio from the cell phone on television using this same technology. According to Bruno Morari, Marketing Director of the TPV Group (owner of the Philips and AOC brands), “the group took a step with the AOC brand when presenting the 4K TV Series 6305 with great appeal in design and embedded technology, without losing the commitment to delivering the best cost-benefit ”.

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