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Android has a tool that allows you to backup data such as photos, messages and contacts. However, for more than nine months, several users have reported problems with the feature, which suddenly stops creating copies of the information.

Android stops backing up to Google Drive on some phones

According to the Android Police, the flaw affects Android 9 and Android 10 phones. To check if your device is backing up, go to Settings> System> Backup (the path may vary depending on the device) and make sure the “Back up now” button is activated.

If the button is gray (disabled), the system is unable to save copies of the data to your Google Drive account. In this case, you should also note that the “Active backups” section shows a sentence like “Waiting to back up”.

The flaw prevents the backup of any data category that is usually saved by Android. This includes call history, contact list, photos, videos, text messages, data connected to applications and device settings.

Still according to the Android Police, one of the solutions that have helped users is to disable screen lock for an instant. The methods like PIN code, fingerprints and facial recognition are what would be preventing copies.

Since Android 9 Pie, backups are now encrypted. Apparently, an error linked to this change is preventing the system from automatically saving data to Google Drive while screen lock is on.

The measure recommended by users is provisional and quite unfeasible in the long run, since when activating the screen lock again, the backup becomes unavailable again. It remains to wait for an official correction to the problem.

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