Android may change clock to daylight saving time this Sunday (1st) | Applications and Software

O Google warned, on Friday (30), that cell phones with Android they can advance the clock again by one hour due to daylight saving time, which was canceled by the government in 2019. The company recommends manually setting the time to avoid errors with the possible automatic change next Sunday, November 1st.

Android Daylight Saving Time

Clock on Android. (Image: Ana Marques / Tecnoblog)

On the last 18th, some users reported the wrong time change to keep up with the calendar used until 2017, which started daylight saving time on the third Sunday in October. In 2018, the start of daylight saving time was postponed to the first Sunday of November – until canceled by President Jair Bolsonaro in 2019.

According to Google, the various modifications have a direct impact on the IANA Global Database (in Portuguese, Internet Number Assignment Authority).

In practice, this means that some cell phones may not have the information necessary to prevent the watch from being automatically updated at the time and day scheduled to begin daylight saving time 2020, which has been canceled by the government. That is, at midnight this Sunday, November 1st.


Also according to the company, the risks are mainly for those who have a cell phone with a version of the system prior to Android 10, which does not have a feature that facilitates the updating of the IANA database. Last year, Chromecast and Nest Hub devices also suffered from automatic switching.

How to avoid changing daylight saving time on mobile

To prevent your cell phone from automatically ahead of time by next Sunday (1st), you can change the time and date settings manually, with the following steps:

  1. Access the “Settings” app on Android;
  2. Search for “System” (on some cell phones, you should search for “General management”);
  3. Touch “Date and Time” and disable the “Automatic date and time” option. On some cell phones, you will also need to disable the “Automatic time zone”;
  4. Set the date and time according to the website;
  5. Select the time zone according to your location.

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