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Google has started working on a feature that allows Android to share information about passwords for Wi-Fi networks with Chromebooks and tablets that run Chrome OS, and vice versa. The novelty has already been promised in the past, but this week marks the beginning of the implementation of the feature within the search giant’s operating system.

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If you have an iPhone and an Apple computer, you know that sharing your Wi-Fi password is a very simple task and happens intuitively, with a touch on a card that appears on the screen of the gadget that is already connected to the network . On Android the story is not that simple, but this scenario is ready to start evolving – at least for those using Android and a Chromebook.

It is what appeared inside the Chromium Gerrit, titled “Add a Wi-Fi Sync V2 feature flag for Chrome OS” (Add a feature in Wi-Fi V2 sync flag on Chrome OS, in literal translation). The forum receives new tasks that usually end up arriving in some version of some Chrome software, even reaching Android.

The description of this task says that it “enables the option to sync Wi-Fi network settings between Chrome OS devices and a connected Android phone”. Synchronization can happen in any direction, so if your smartphone has already joined the network of a hotel or coffee shop, for example, the Chromebook or tablet with Chrome OS can join the same network, without the need to enter the password again.

Sync between Android and Chrome OS may not succeed

As the feature started to be implemented on Wednesday (19), it is very likely that it will appear in some Chrome OS that will come out this year – towards the end of the year. There is also the possibility that everything will go wrong and the project will be shelved, which I believe (and hope) does not happen. So, in any case, it’s good to measure expectations.

With information: 9to5Google.

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