Android 10 Go brings security and speed to phones with up to 1.5 GB of RAM | Applications and Software

After the launch of Android 10, it is Google’s turn to announce the Android 10 Go version. Aimed at entry-level smartphones, which have a maximum of 1.5 GB of RAM, the new operating system has gained features such as data encryption and updated applications, with the right to a Google Go that reads texts aloud.

Android 10 Go

Android Go is an optimized version of standard Android, with features to save mobile data and spend less processing on phones with simple hardware. According to Google, on a device with 8 GB of storage, Android 10 Go leaves twice the space available at the factory compared to Android 7.0 Nougat.

Android 10 Go

Version 10 of Android Go has gained Adiantum technology, which provides “data encryption without impairing the performance of the device”. In general, encrypting data quickly requires certain instructions that are not available on most basic processors. According to Google, Adiantum can “run efficiently without the need for specialized hardware”.

Google Go, which is a kind of Swiss Army knife with search, weather, translator and more, can now read web pages aloud. The feature promises to work even on 2G connections and uses artificial intelligence to determine what content on the site will be read.

Android 10 Go - Google Go app

According to Google, “using this technology, consuming long texts becomes as easy as watching TV or listening to the radio”. The idea is to read articles while you exercise or take public transport, for example, in addition to helping people with disabilities or who are learning a new language.

So far, no device has been announced in Brazil with Android 10 Go. The basic version of Google’s mobile platform has come up with very simple devices in the country, sold for prices below R $ 500 in retail promotions, such as the Moto E5 Play , the Galaxy J2 Core and the Semp Go line.

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