Anatel zero approval rate for manufacturers and users | Telecommunications

Anatel’s Board of Directors approved new rules for product homologation: the agency stops charging fees to certify telecommunications devices, such as cell phones and drones; both users and manufacturers do not have to pay for certification.


“The homologation certificate will be issued free of charge, after the interested party has fulfilled all the actions necessary to obtain it.” This rule is in article 58 of the new Regulation for Conformity Assessment and Homologation of Telecommunications Products, published in the Federal Official Gazette; it went into effect since 23 October.

This goes for everyone, from individuals to companies – including Samsung, Motorola and DL Electronics, Xiaomi’s official representative in the country. Previously, ordinary users and legal entities had to pay R $ 200 for certification for their own use, while manufacturers and representatives paid R $ 500 to be able to sell the products in the national territory.

Anatel requires approval under penalty of fine

The homologation process is quite common for drone owners who bought the equipment abroad: when arriving in Brazil, the IRS may require the certificate of conformity issued by Anatel.

According to the new regulation, manufacturers or commercial representatives of foreign legal entities may require conformity assessment and approval, as well as individuals and legal entities (when for their own use).

But be careful: the regulation requires that all products that use radio frequency must be approved to be sold or used in the national territory. Those who fail to do so may be warned or fined by Anatel.

In 2018, Anatel seized 200 thousand items, of which 30 thousand were withheld from imported products for delivery by the Post Office. Therefore, it is good to prepare the certificate of conformity when purchasing a smartphone from China.

With information: Anatel.

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