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THE Anatel no longer charge a fee to issue certificates of homologation: the exemption will take effect from the next few days, when the new regulation of the agency is published in the Official Gazette. The measure is valid for all telecommunications products, including drones and cell phones imported for own use.

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Before, Anatel charged R $ 200 to approve drones and other products intended for its own use. For example, it was necessary to pay this fee if your equipment imported through the Post Office was seized. And if the certification was for commercial purposes, the value was R $ 500. Now, all telecommunications products are exempt.

Without charging a fee, the agency expects the approval procedures to be faster, “which simplifies and reduces bureaucracy in the conformity assessment process, maintaining the requirement for high standards of quality and safety for the consumer”.

The new regulation was approved by Anatel’s Board of Directors on Thursday (17) and will start to take effect after publication in the Federal Official Gazette. It updates a document that was published in 2000 and last updated by a 2016 resolution.

Anatel does not charge a fee for products for own use

“Drone, amateur radio equipment or any other product to be used by an end user, we will no longer charge any fee, in an initiative to lower the costs of the Brazilian State, in support of the Ministry of Economy’s effort,” said the president of Anatel, Leonardo Euler de Morais.

In July, President Jair Bolsonaro advanced on twitter that the administrative fee of R $ 200 for radio amateur equipment would be extinguished in October.

Our compliments to MCTIC and ANATEL for the announcement of the end of the Administrative Fee of R $ 200.00 for radio amateurs, starting in October.  ANATEL has revoked 173 resolutions since January, in line with the Ministry of Economy, aiming at reducing bureaucracy.

The measure also applies to drones and imported products for own use. On your website, Anatel clarifies that Brazilians can bring cell phones for trips abroad, as long as it is certified by a foreign agency.

But, if the smartphone is purchased over the internet on websites abroad, “the equipment is subject to inspection by Anatel and the Federal Revenue Service at the Post Office and may be barred when entering the country”.

With information: Anatel, TeleSynthesis.

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