Anatel seals more than 21 thousand products not approved by the operator | Telecommunications

An operation carried out by Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency) resulted in more than 21 thousand products sealed and seized in Catalão (GO). They were not approved and belonged to an operator whose name was not revealed by the agency.

Facade of Anatel headquarters (Photo: Sinclair Maia / Anatel - 2007)

The inspection was carried out on August 22, following a complaint. Anatel started at the company’s headquarters and ended at the warehouse where the equipment was located. They would be used to provide fiber optic services.

Sealed products include 19,700 couplers, 1,200 connectors and 225 splitters. They remained in the company due to the volume, but cannot be used. Anatel also seized 19 items, including access points and optical network units.

The action is part of the Action Plan to Combat Piracy. According to the agency, it led to 200,000 sealed or seized products in 2018. In the same period, 30,000 items were withheld at Customs and 193 advertisements related to products without approval were removed from the air.

With information: Anatel(two).

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