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THE Anatel opened a website to publicize its actions to combat piracy, and revealed that about 30 thousand telecommunications products were retained at the Post Office or other delivery companies in 2018. In addition, the agency sealed or seized 200 thousand items without approval that were in use or about to be sold. It also oversees the entry of goods at airports in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba.

Anatel inspector seizes pirated products (Photo: Disclosure / Anatel)

In his new anti-piracy page, Anatel says that approximately 30 thousand goods were held in the customs areas of the Post Office or other courier companies.

Generally, these are items imported with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth without the approval stamp, including cell phones, routers, drones and other devices. They are seized until you pay a fee of R $ 200 in case of own use; if they have commercial purposes, Anatel charges R $ 500.

The agency said last year that “the import of telecommunications products by consumers through the Post Office is prohibited in Brazil”. This includes cell phones, notebooks, fitness bracelets and other items with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. There is no problem in bringing them back from an international trip, as this follows specific legislation.

Anatel fights piracy

Anatel seized 200 thousand products without approval

Also according to Anatel, 200 thousand products without approval were sealed or seized in 2018; they were about to be sold, or were already in use.

Most of these goods were seized in December 2018, when Anatel inspectors found 126,700 unapproved equipment in five different states. There were optical cables, network cables, Wi-Fi cameras and other items with an estimated value of R $ 1.2 million.

In May 2018, Anatel carried out another operation that seized 10,200 irregular products, including cable TV decoders, routers, antennas, IP phones and network cables.

This is part of the Action Plan to Combat Piracy (PACP), created by Anatel in early 2018 to reinforce the inspection of products without approval in Brazil. The agency says the goal is to avoid risks such as electric shocks, explosions, leakage of toxic materials and excessive exposure to electromagnetic fields; in addition to “promoting a competitive, fair and healthy environment” for manufacturers and suppliers.

The actions to combat piracy continue in 2019. Since July, Anatel inspectors have been working at the International Airport of Rio de Janeiro (Tom Jobim) to monitor the import of telecommunications products, together with the Customs Department of the Federal Revenue.

“With that, 100% of the points of entry of goods by air into the country started to be inspected: Rio de Janeiro (Tom Jobim), São Paulo (Guarulhos) and Curitiba (Afonso Pena)”, explains the agency.

With information: Anatel.

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