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THE Anatel approved all versions of the Apple Watch Series 5 which will be sold in Brazil, including GPS and GPS + Cellular models; the new watches with an always-on screen will be launched here on October 25th. In addition, the regulatory agency has authorized the 10.2 inch iPad on Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular models; the tablet has no date yet to reach the country.

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5 models with GPS only have names A2092 (40 mm case) and A2093 (44 mm); both were approved by Anatel. In addition, the agency approved the A2156 (40 mm) and A2157 (44 mm) with GPS + Cellular, which will also be marketed in Europe, India and China.

Apple has two different models with GPS + Cellular (A2094 and A2095) only for North America, that is, USA, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. If you decide to buy one of these watches in American lands, you should have no problem: it will also be able to access the main bands used in the Brazilian 4G – 1 (2,100 MHz), 3 (1,800 MHz), 5 (850 MHz) and 7 (2,600 MHz) ). No model is compatible with the band 28 (700 MHz), not even what will be sold in Brazil.

The launch of the Apple Watch Series 5 in Brazil will take place on October 25, as the company says on its official website. It has an always-on screen, brings a compass for the first time, and can be purchased in recycled aluminum, stainless steel, titanium or ceramic materials. Prices have not yet been revealed.

7th generation iPad will cost between R $ 2,999 and R $ 4,899

Apple iPad 2019

The new 10.2-inch iPad was also approved by Anatel: these are the Wi-Fi (A2197) and Wi-Fi + Cellular (A2198) models, which support the Brazilian 4G band 28 – the frequency of 700 MHz released with the end of analog TV.

However, stay tuned: Apple will sell another Wi-Fi + Cellular model in the US and Canada (A2200) that does not have band support 28. It will connect normally to other 4G frequencies in Brazil. The same warning applies to the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and Pro Max: American models are not compatible with band 28.

There is still no release date for the 7th generation iPad, but Apple has already revealed the prices: it will cost between R $ 2,999 and R $ 4,899.

With information: MacMagazine.

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