Anac recommends banning the 15 “MacBook Pro on national flights | Computer

Anac (National Civil Aviation Agency) issued an alert for Brazilian airlines to restrict the entry of the 15-inch MacBook Pro into commercial planes. The restriction is already in effect in some countries, thanks to the overheating problems that the notebook presented in some models.

Apple MacBook Pro

In the note, the agency advises passengers to avoid carrying the 15-inch MacBook Pro even in carry-on luggage, which is not checked in and goes with the traveler in the aircraft cabin. The models affected by the problem are those manufactured between September 2015 and February 2017. The concern is due to problems of uncontrolled heating of the internal batteries, which brings unpleasant memories of what happened with the Galaxy Note 7.

“Reinforcing the security measures adopted by the main civil aviation authorities in the world, ANAC this week sent a recommendation to airlines in the country regarding the ban on the transport of the 15-inch MacBook Pro,” says the note. The purpose of this part is to make companies that operate in Brazil prohibit the entry of the computer in their aircraft, as a rule at the time of check-in.

Aviation agencies in the United States (FAA) and Europe (EASA) have already implemented the same ban, with the exception that the passenger can travel with the computer in the cabin – as long as it remains unplugged and out of the outlet that is present in passenger seats. aircraft.

Apple has already acknowledged the flaw and has initiated a worldwide recall program for battery replacement. If you have a 15-inch MacBook, just enter this link and follow the instructions to proceed with the component replacement process.

With information: Anac.

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