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A kind of “hacker attack” invaded the Among Us in the last few days, with several reports involving the name “Eris Loris”, or “Eric Loris” in some versions, supposedly the author of the spam that took over the game. But developer InnerSloth said it is handling the situation and has already released an emergency update for the game.

Eris Loris sent spam to Among Us last week (Inagem: The Sports Rush / Reproduction)

Eris Loris sent spam to Among Us last week (Inagem: The Sports Rush / Reproduction)

Hack in Among Us

Unlike other games, like Fall Guys, the hack of Among Us it seems not to have been done in search of victories, but of spam for a certain content.

It all started last week, when several players reported receiving messages in the game’s text chat, asking people to subscribe to a YouTube channel called “Eris Loris”, in addition to a Discord server with the same name.

Spam threatened to hack the device the user was using to play Among Us, whether computer or cell phone, if the order was not obeyed. The message also ended with a political signature: Trump 2020, in reference to U.S. President Donald Trump, who is seeking re-election this year.

Due to all the reports, InnerSloth went to Twitter to inform that it was extremely aware of this specific problem, and that for this reason it would have already released an emergency update on its servers. The main objective was to curb the spam hack and protect the privacy of its users.

According to the North American website Kotaku, Eris Loris is a real person and answered, when asked, about the hack, that he wanted to see what happened and that he found it funny. Loris also admitted to being a supporter of Donald Trump, although the “attack” does not appear to have been motivated by politics.

Per hour, Among Us it is safe for everyone to play without encountering any problems. InnerSloth asks fans to send feedbacks on Twitter about their experiences with the game, where they only respond in English, so that more corrections can be made.

With information: Kotaku.

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