Amid tensions with China, Apple decides to build Mac Pro in the US

THE Apple confirmed on Monday (23) that the new Mac Pro will be manufactured in U.S. There were rumors that production of the equipment would be transferred to the China, but, apparently, the commercial tension between the two countries and a certain pressure from the Trump government made the company change its mind.

Apple Mac Pro (2019) and Pro Display XDR

Apple’s “drama” began when the company filed a request at the U.S. Trade Representative’s Office (USTR) for certain components to be excluded from the import tariff increase that the Trump administration imposed on certain items. from China.

THE Bloomberg found that the component descriptions corresponded precisely to the parts targeted to the Mac Pro. Via Twitter, President Donald Trump himself declared that Apple would not receive any tariff benefits for importing the parts. “Manufacture them in the United States, without tariffs”, he added:

Coincidence or not, Apple confirmed in a note that the new Mac Pro will be produced in Austin, Texas, in the same facilities that were used for the units of the line produced since 2013 – the model in the form of “trash”. “The Mac Pro is Apple’s most powerful computer and we are proud to build it in Austin,” said Tim Cook.

In the same note, the company states that the decision is part of its commitment to invest US $ 350 billion in the United States economy by 2023 and stressed that the production of its devices in the country supports 450 thousand jobs generated by American suppliers. of components.

Apple factory in Austin

Apple factory in Austin

Despite this, it cannot be said that the production of the new Mac Pro will be based on 100% American components. The company itself recognizes that the decision to keep manufacturing in Austin was only possible because the government granted a tariff exemption for importing certain items needed for production, despite Trump’s initial opposition to the idea.

As a justification for this strategy, Apple explained that, in the United States, component costs for the new Mac Pro are 2.5 times higher compared to the previous generation of the line. Production will start soon.

It is possible that the decision to keep production in the United States is based on a conversation that Tim Cook had with Donald Trump in August. But this negotiation, if it existed at all, may have more chapters: Apple is still trying to cancel (or at least soften) a set of import tariffs that could affect lines like iPhone and iPad from December 15.

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