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THE Amazon expanded its catalog in Brazil and started selling disc media: there are vinyl, CD, DVD and Blu-ray, including the The Avengers with the four films in the series. There are 60 thousand items in total, and the online store highlights some classic vinyls like The Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd, Abbey Road remastered of the Beatles, and Terra Brasilis Tom Jobim – all receive a discount of R $ 10.

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The discs are marketed directly by Amazon in some cases, when you will find the notice “Sent and sold by”. They are also offered by third parties through the marketplace, coming from partners such as Os Discos, I prefer Vinyl, Pérola Filmes and FilmEarte.

When you enter Amazon Brazil now, you will see the DVD and Blu-ray category with an emphasis on the exclusive box with the four Avengers films (the first of 2012, Ultron era, Infinity War and Ultimatum). There are 9 Blu-ray discs with a series of extras; the kit costs R $ 599.90 in pre-order.

I understand that Blu-ray still has space today for those looking for better image quality, since streaming suffers from some compression artifacts; and because of the extras. And the DVD? I think the 480p resolution doesn’t look good on Full-HD TVs today, but if Amazon is doing direct selling, then someone must be willing to buy.

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CDs and LPs fall into another separate category. There are products from major labels like Som Livre, Universal and Sony Music; and more than eight thousand imported vinyl titles. And, as Amazon is not silly, the store also suggests buying electronics like turntables and portable players.

Vinyl records are on sale: by purchasing through the mobile app, the customer receives a R $ 10 discount on titles sold by Amazon (not via the marketplace); it is necessary to include the VINIL10 coupon. That goes until August 18th.

Amazon Brasil started selling physical and digital books, but now sells several other types of products such as cell phones, notebooks, consoles, clothing, toys, tools and beauty products.

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