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THE Amazon has high expectations for the series of Lord of the Rings, and has already decided to renew it for the second season, even before its launch in the Prime Video. In fact, the episodes haven’t even been filmed: the idea is that all scripts are ready for the two seasons to be recorded consecutively.

Lord of the Rings

Jennifer Salke, director of Amazon Studios, confirms to the deadline that the second season of the series of Lord of the Rings is already guaranteed. Pre-production is still starting in New Zealand; the cast wasn’t even officially confirmed. We only know that the story will be situated in Middle Earth, before the events of the book The Fellowship of the Ring by JRR Tolkien.

It should take some time for Prime Video to launch this series. The first two episodes will be shot during the summer in New Zealand – where Peter Jackson’s films were shot – and then the team will take a break of 4 to 5 months.

This is something common in the case of series that already have the season guaranteed, so that producers and executives can analyze whether the episodes are going in the right direction. This break will also be used to write most of the second season’s scripts: in this way, it will be possible to record episodes from both seasons consecutively, helping to reduce costs.

Amazon will invest $ 1 billion in five seasons

It’s worth noting that Amazon has already pledged to spend $ 1 billion on the series of Lord of the Rings: the contract provides for five seasons with at least ten episodes of one hour each, in addition to the possibility of a spin-off.

Still, it must first formalize the renewal of each season; I imagine that if something goes wrong, the company could cancel the project by paying a fine.

Amazon’s expectation is that this series will be as big a phenomenon as game of Thrones. The company acquired the global rights to Lord of the Rings in November 2017, and has been striving – successfully – to prevent leaks on production.

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