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O Amazon Prime, recently launched in Brazil, offers several benefits for a monthly subscription of R $ 9.90: one of them is free shipping throughout the country, including the North and Northeast. However, it may happen that a marketplace product with freight is cheaper; in this case, Amazon warns the customer that there is “a lower price through other sellers”.

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An example of this is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7. It costs R $ 1,039.29 within Prime, that is, with free delivery for those who are subscribers. However, the product page includes the following warning:

Note: This item is available before or at a lower price through other sellers that do not offer Prime.

When you click on the link, you are taken to a page with cheaper alternatives than on Amazon Prime, considering the price already added to the freight. In this case, there is a seller offering the smartphone for R $ 953 plus R $ 19.84 for delivery (R $ 972.84 total).

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On the desktop, some of the prices in that list also appear on the product page, in the box “Seller offers on Amazon”:

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The idea is that Amazon Prime is not a way to charge more for the product to “embed” the freight. If there is a cheaper freight option, the customer will be notified.

In a statement to the InfoMoney, Amazon says: “Sellers can set their own prices for the items they offer on and item prices may vary by seller. The fact that a product is eligible for Amazon Prime does not affect its price ”.

Amazon compares Prime price with new products

Amazon takes into account the sum of price and shipping to suggest a product from your marketplace. For example, she sells the game God of War 4 for PlayStation 4 for R $ 107.29 with free delivery through Prime. Another store sells the same product for R $ 89.99 plus R $ 20.32 in shipping, resulting in a total of R $ 110.31. As this is more expensive, Amazon does not suggest this alternative to Prime subscribers.

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It’s worth noting that Amazon makes this comparison only with new products, without taking into account the items used in the marketplace. After all, they will probably cost less, but will not have the same state of conservation.

For example, there is a seller who offers God of War 4 for R $ 95 plus R $ 5.12 shipping, totaling R $ 100.12 – a cheaper value. However, this is a “collector” item classified “as new”. (The company asks that the condition of used games be classified as “good”, “very good” or “as new” following the criteria of this link.)

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The difference between prices of products inside and outside Prime was evident with an example that circulated in recent days on the social networks: a calligraphy kit can go for R $ 19.90 plus R $ 8.59 in shipping (total R $ 28.49), or for R $ 49.90 and free shipping inside Prime.

In the latter case, the site warns that there is “a lower price through other sellers that do not offer Prime”. This message is just below the price, both on the PC and on the cell phone; and appears only when you are logged in with your Amazon Prime account.

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