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Those more concerned with security have just gained a much more practical solution for patrolling the house or an own establishment. Amazon announced on Thursday (24) the launch of the drone Ring Always Home Cam, which has a security camera. The small device flies alone through the environment, and promises to be an alternative to the implementation of various equipment spread throughout all rooms of your residence.

Ring Always Home Cam is an Amazon drone for home patrol

The Ring Always Home Cam cannot be controlled manually – its owner will be able to follow the activities through a live feed in the Ring app, where the drone routes must be configured.

After defining a map of the residence and determining specific points of view for the filming, the device can fly when requested or automatically, through its sensors that identify non-standard behaviors.

The images captured by the drone have Full HD resolution (1080p) and can be transmitted directly to the user’s cell phone. See the demo in the video below.

Patrol and privacy drones

The Amazon subsidiary has undergone several tests to certify the security of its practices in relation to user privacy. During the announcement, the company said the Ring Always Home Cam was designed to make a loud noise during the flight, just to let people know when the device is nearby.

Upon returning to its charging base, the camera is completely inside the dock, which prevents the drone from continuing to film the environment.

Safety and construction

According to Ring founder Jamie Siminoff, building the drone was not an easy task. In addition to protecting user information, its use should be safe on a daily basis – after all, no one wants propeller accidents while crossing the hall to go to the bathroom, right?

For this, the blades of the patrol device have protection and the software has a technology that prevents collision. This is also why it is not possible to control it manually.

Ring Always Home Cam price and availability

If you’re excited about the news, you’ll have to wait a few months. The start of sales for the Ring drone is only planned for 2021, and its price should be one of the main attractions: US $ 250 – a relatively low value, since safety equipment can be quite expensive (especially when you need many of them) ).

With information: Engadget and Verge

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