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O Aliexpress has partnered with payments company Ebanx to open a temporary store in Curitiba: this is a space that will demonstrate some of the products for sale at the online retailer, such as headphones, speakers, drones and cell phones from Xiaomi and Huawei . In this showroom, you will have to make the purchase over the internet with your smartphone.


The AliExpress space was opened on Friday (6) at the L4 floor of Shopping Mueller, in Curitiba, and will be available until October 5, 2019. André Boaventura, partner at Ebanx, explains to leaf that the store will make customers “safer to buy products from China over the internet”.

“The mall gives consumers a sense of security,” says Boaventura. “Putting a Chinese e-commerce in that location helps to change the perception that the products there are of no quality.”

The store has a 30-meter panel where some physical items are displayed, but it does not have stock for delivery: instead, the consumer will be able to analyze the products on an interactive screen and scan a QR Code to purchase them by cell phone.

AliExpress store in Spain is also a showroom

This is the same model that AliExpress adopted in its store in Madrid, Spain: it is a 740 m² showroom divided into five areas, displaying around a thousand products – including cell phones, notebooks and electric scooters – from 60 brands many different. In this physical space, sales are made online.

The store opened in Madrid last month and had 2 thousand visitors; some waited 48 hours in line. The company gave awards to the first 500 people, including cell phones, watches, drones and scales.

Brazil is the fifth largest market for AliExpress in turnover; ahead are China, the USA, Russia and Spain. However, the company does not intend to open a permanent store in our country.

“For now, we have no plans. Brazil is one of the most important markets for us. We will continue to serve our users and improve their shopping experience, ”says Kang Huang, director of AliExpress for Brazil, to leaf.

This year, AliExpress launched the Premium Shipping shipping option to Brazil, which promises deliveries from China within 28 days. Its owner, Alibaba, last year considered creating a distribution center at Viracopos airport, in Campinas (SP). Rumors say the company has plans to acquire the post office during the privatization of the state-owned company.

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