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O Aliexpress opened on Friday (6) a physical space to highlight products from China with delivery to Brazil: there is an LED screen and eight touchscreens that serve as virtual showcases for OnePlus and Redmi cell phones, Amazfit watches and DJI drones. In addition, visitors will be able to test the Xiaomi Mi 9 and Mi 8, available for sale in the online store.


The space at Shopping Mueller, in Curitiba (PR), was opened in a partnership between AliExpress and the payments company Ebanx. As we explained before, this is not a traditional store: it is more like a virtual showroom, since purchases must be made over the internet – there is no stock of goods.

It is a 32 meter long panel: there is a 5 mx 2.5 m LED screen highlighting the main products of AliExpress; two spaces where the Xiaomi Mi 9 and Mi 8 are exposed; and eight touchscreens to learn more about the items sold by the Chinese store.


AliExpress highlights products from Amazfit, OnePlus and Redmi

Touchscreens work as virtual showcases for these products: Amazfit GTR and Amazfit Bip watches; Bluedio Hi and Bluedio v2 wireless headsets; DJI Mavic 2 drone; camcorder camera Eken h6s; OnePlus 7 Pro, Redmi 8 Pro, Umidigi X and Umidigi A5 Pro phones; and camera stabilizers Zhiyun Crane 2 and Zhiyun Smooth 4.

If the visitor is interested in one of the products, he can scan a QR code with his cell phone that will take him to the corresponding page on the AliExpress website. The purchase must be made online, with delivery from China. The space is temporary, and will remain open until October 5th.


Ebanx is a Brazilian fintech that offers payment solutions for international sites, such as Spotify and AliExpress itself. In 2018, the company processed around 35 million purchases on Chinese partner sites, most of them in Brazil; the average expenditure was R $ 100.

“Only in 2018, the number of Chinese merchants almost doubled compared to 2017,” says marketing director André Boaventura in a statement. Ebanx serves around 150 companies in China that sell to countries in Latin America.

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