Airport in SC tests boarding with facial recognition | Antivirus and Security

The project Safe Boarding wants to speed up boarding flights using only the facial recognition to allow passengers to board, without having to present documents. In this first moment, this requires that the user has a driver’s license / CNH (National Driver’s License) to allow biometric verification.

Safe Boarding

The tests started on Thursday (8) at the international airport of Florianópolis (SC), with the participation of voluntary passengers from the airline Latam. It is necessary to use an app developed by Serpro to register the photo of the traveler, which will be associated with the respective CPF.

This photo will be linked to the plane ticket. Then, at the time of boarding, just pass in front of a camera to check and be released. Guarulhos International Airport (SP) has something similar, for example, but it requires you to scan your passport on a piece of equipment – which is not necessary at Embarque Seguro.

Safe boarding uses Denatran’s CNH base

This initiative was conceived by the Ministry of Infrastructure in partnership with Serpro. Security authorities may use a traveler risk assessment carried out by Sisbraip (Brazilian Passenger Information System).

This involves creating a unified national system to check and validate the passenger’s identity, crossing different government databases. Initially, the CNHs base of Denatran (National Traffic Department), which has about 56 million active records, will be used. The idea is to expand the integration to more bases in the future.

The pilot project in Florianópolis also promises to be just a first step: Safe Boarding should be implemented at the main airports in the country over time.

AND in a statement, Serpro states that its app will allow a personalized user experience: it will be possible to notify you how much time is left before the flight leaves and the fastest route to get to the departure gate.

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