After a lot of headaches, the RED Hydrogen One project is canceled | Cell phone

After delays, problems and a lot of headaches, RED Hydrogen One will no longer receive new versions and the project has been canceled. The last nail in the coffin of what was the company’s first smartphone that creates great cameras for filming was placed by the project’s founder, Jim Jannard.

After a lot of headaches the RED Hydrogen One project

The Hydrogen One was announced in 2017 and was the first cell phone from the company RED, which is famous for film cameras. The promise was for a device with great specifications for the image sensor, along with a revolutionary screen with hologram capabilities. They don’t work to call Senator Palpatine, but they do deliver a nice user experience.

Along with that, the device would bring modular accessories and all this at a price of $ 1,295, which by the way dropped by half and was launched for $ 645, along with a promise for a revamped version and that would be even better on the camera side . It never existed.

Yesterday (24), Jannard published a letter saying he will “end the Hydrogen project, ending a career that included Oakley, RED Digital Cinema and Hydrogen. I am very proud to have worked with many incredible people over the years, who have joined the vision ”.

The executive says health problems and the age of 70 motivated the project to be canceled, but Jannard assured that the cameras will continue to be created and that the support for those who bought them will still exist.

With information: The Verge and SlashGear.

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