Adobe to close accounts in Venezuela due to U.S. sanctions | Business

Adobe has started to inform users in Venezuela that they will have their accounts closed as of October 28. In an email sent on Tuesday (8), the company says it will stop offering services in the country to comply with a US government sanction.

Scott Belsky, Adobe's product chief, at an event held in 2018 (Photo: Disclosure)

Scott Belsky, Adobe’s product chief, at an event held in 2018 (Photo: Disclosure)

The e-mail indicates that because of the executive order that prohibits American companies from doing business in Venezuela, Adobe is not allowed to provide access to software and services or allow users in Venezuela to make new purchases.

“To accommodate the impact of this change, we are providing advance notice and a grace period that lasts until October 28, 2019, for you to download any content stored in your Adobe account,” says the company.

After that date, users in Venezuela will no longer have legal access to programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Acrobat. They will also not be able to find files that they have stored in the Adobe cloud or Behance.

Even worse is the fact that there will be no refunds for affected users. According to the company, the sanction orders the interruption of all activities, including sales, services, support, refunds, credits, among others.

In a note to the The Verge, Adobe said that, due to the sanction, it is evaluating agreements with individuals and organizations to ensure that it will comply with the laws. The company informs that it will continue offering the support allowed by the executive order, but that it will stop prohibited activities.

“We regret any inconvenience that this may cause to customers, and we continue to monitor and evaluate the situation carefully. We will share more details about how our operations and customer activities may be affected as these details become available. ”

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