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Adobe launched on Monday (4) a new application for photo editing. Named Photoshop Camera, it uses artificial intelligence to recognize elements of the image, such as people, landscapes or dishes, and recommend improvements.

Adobe Photoshop Camera

Adobe Photoshop Camera

For now available in tests for a group of users of iOS and Android, the application should become official in 2020. Its proposal is to offer an editing tool for everyone, and not only for professionals.

Photoshop Camera uses Adobe’s artificial intelligence platform, known as Sensei, to suggest filters and lenses. Options can range from small changes to make photos more vivid to more significant changes to make them into illustrations.

The application also features lenses created by artists and influencers, such as singer Billie Eilish. And, as with Instagram Stories, users will have the option to create their own lenses and share them with others.

Despite being a simpler option, Photoshop Camera also allows you to edit photos manually. By using Photoshop’s layer logic, the app allows you to remove filters that have already been added to the photo at any time.

Those interested in testing the new Adobe application can fill out the available form on this link.

Photoshop won iPad version

In the day of many announcements, Adobe finally released the traditional Photoshop version for iPad. The app had been announced in late 2018 and has only just appeared on the App Store. It is compatible with iPadOS and supports both generations of Apple Pencil.

According to Adobe, the launch of Photoshop for iPad is the beginning of the journey to take the program to more devices. The company also confirmed that it will bring Illustrator to Apple tablet users in 2020.

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