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Adobe announced that it will stop accessing its services in Venezuela on October 29 due to an executive order from President Donald Trump; Photoshop, Illustrator, Creative Cloud, among others, will be affected. The company even said that it would not give refunds to users, and that it would block the Behance portfolio website in the country, but reversed those two points.

Adobe MAX

a Adobe support document on the blockade in Venezuela has been updated with new information. “If you purchased your products directly from Adobe, you will receive a refund before the end of the month for any paid and unpaid license periods. We are working so that our distributors act in the same way ”, explains the company.

Before, she said she could not offer a refund because the executive order in the United States orders the interruption of all commercial activities with Venezuela, including after-sales.

Adobe also said that Behance, a free service, would be affected by the sanctions. Now, she says: “we can confirm that Behance will continue to be available in Venezuela”.

Venezuelans turn to piracy after sanction

However, the company is really leaving the country: “to comply with the executive order, Adobe will deactivate all accounts in Venezuela on October 29, 2019, with the exception of Behance”.

Therefore, there are those who resort to piracy. University student Gremiana Gonzalez, who studies graphic arts, published on Twitter some instructions to “release any Creative Cloud application”.

She also said: “In these circumstances, you either use pirated software or you don’t eat; I know that, like me, many Venezuelans depend completely on frilas and the Adobe package is the most used ”. The tweets, reproduced by Reuters, have been erased.

Trump’s executive order was published in early August, and freezes all assets of the government of Nicolás Maduro that are in the USA. It also affects people who have “helped, sponsored or provided financial, material or technological support” to the regime. “Any contribution or provision of funds, goods or services by, for or for the benefit of any person whose assets are blocked” is prohibited.

US sanctions are an attempt to remove Maduro from power. Juan Guaidó, self-proclaimed interim president of Venezuela, tweeted in August that “the dictatorship has no popular support, but a structure whose fidelity is maintained by the looted money of the Republic”. He argues that Trump’s executive order “aims to protect Venezuelans.”

With information: Ars Technica.

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